Friday, June 03, 2011

Press Release - Announcing a new radio channel at SKY fm

On Tuesday June 7th will launch a fourth smooth jazz channel to its existing line-up, entitled Smooth Jazz 247.

The playlist will be a compilation of the best material from Sky's other three smooth jazz channels, but with the addition of presenters throughout much of the day, including guest artist presenters from the world of smooth jazz.

SKY are hoping that the new channel will appeal to people who have lost their local smooth jazz station in the last year or two. The addition of presenters should provide a station sound that will be more familiar to US based terrestrial smooth jazz radio fans.

Many of the industry's top names have kindly provided some liners to help make things sound a little more personal than traditional Internet Radio fare and the whole delivery is designed to be very free flowing.

Expect further announcements over the coming weekend with regard to presenters and line-ups for the coming week. To keep on top of things, please follow the Smooth Jazz 247 Twitter and Facebook pages.

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