Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They're trying to switch us off!

Just in case you're not aware, the future of Internet radio is on very shaky ground at the moment. I speak in my position as Programme Controller of Smooth Jazz and Uptempo Smooth Jazz. My position as a citizen of the United Kingdom is powerless as the situation is dependent on United States legislation (UK Internet radio is already pretty much unworkable).

Ari Shohat, CEO of Sky/DI has posted this message in his own DI Blog, which explains the situation in full and tells how - if you are a US citizen - you can act to change the situation before it is too late. You can also find out more at

Please take a moment to read up on the situation and then a moment longer to contact your congressperson. Don't assume that it'll all be OK. Two weeks from now ALL of your favorite Internet stations may no longer exist.