Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Biggest, the Best and... appears that we're also the most up to date too.

So much new material comes our way these days. Largely due to the fact that we receive a hefty chuck of pre-release material from professional sources and record companies (a big thanks to Rob at who deals with it all so well at our end), not to mention the artists themselves.

All of which means that Smooth Jazz is now the oracle of all that's hot in the smooth jazz world.

Our live Sunday show has become the perfect showcase for all that's hot and current so be sure to listen in (or even look in if you so desire with our live video stream) each Sunday at 12 noon USA EST, 9am Pacific and 5pm UK time.

You'll find all the relevant links to launch the smooth jazz channel at or if you'd like to watch the show as well as listen go to and you can really be in on the action.