Monday, April 23, 2007

Peter White interview video now live on Youtube

I know that a lot of people are waiting for this one, so if that would apply to you, then the good news is that it's now up and running at

Peter visited us on Easter Sunday for the second time and stayed for nearly an hour and a half while we played some of his songs and answered questions put by listeners on the forum.

As usual the video is split into two parts, as follows:

Peter White - Part One

Peter White - Part Two

Peter's visit was his second to the Sunday live show. His previous one, for the benefit of any that missed it, is still live on the servers here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Peter White was a surprise guest on Easter Sunday

It was all a bit last minute, in fact I only had it confirmed about two hours before the show went live, but we were graced with a guest appearance from Peter White on Easter Sunday. A sort of anniversary of his previous appearance which was on Easter Sunday last year.

As it was such a last minute thing, many will have missed it, so I'll have it on Youtube in a few days from now.

Meanwhile (and my apologies for the lateness) the video of the appearance of Greg Carmichael from Acoustic Alchemy back in January is now available for viewing. Part of the reason for the delay is because the actual video part is very jerky due to the bandwidth problems we were having at the time, and I was undecided about whether to use it. But I'm sure that a lot of Acoustic Alchemy fans would love to hear what was said in spite of the video quality anyway.

The video is split into two parts because of the length restrictions on Youtube. Here are the links

Greg Carmichael - Part One

Greg Carmichael - Part Two