Friday, April 15, 2016

Changes to the blog content

I think it's time to kill it or cure it. I'm going to try for a cure first.

I confess that I have used this blog almost exclusively for the promotion various things that I am involved in, most notably live music. It became obvious that it wasn't setting the world on fire with that theme going on, and so it fell into neglect somewhat.

So plan B is to start using it for my thoughts and opinions. Something that I have always felt might be a little self centered. However, since that would seem to be the whole point of blogs I guess it's worth a go. I confess that recent changes in the licensing system for Internet radio have prompted me to think seriously about using the blog for opinion on that and other such matters. Some serious wrongs have been done to Internet radio in 2016. The industry is in a right old state as a result of it, and as I predicted it would, the result is negatively affecting artist revenues (the exact reverse of what was supposed to happen).

So as time allows I'll be attempting to address certain issues that affect me and the people I know in the business on this page. You may want to rethink your bookmarking of it accordingly!

If you are a musician registered with SoundExchange, how are you finding things as we enter the second quarter of 2016? Are your SoundExchange royalties down so far this year? Everybody I have asked so far says yes, they are down on last year. If that is your situation then sadly it isn't likely to get better any time soon.

To be continued...

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  1. Good idea,people are so ill informed,things need to be said,especially from people like you that are in the know,and tell it like it is.Good luck.