Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dave Koz currently in town. Brian Simpson popped into the live show

The amazing Dave Koz is currently in residence at Pizza Express in London, with visits to Pizza Express Maidstone, The Stables in Milton Keynes and The Cinnamon Club in Manchester due later this coming week.

Dave's musical director and keyboardist Brian Simpson stopped by to visit the Sunday live show earlier today. Here's the archive of the show in case you missed it.

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  1. Only1EmmaPeel@aol.com10:06 pm, June 04, 2012

    from -- emma in el paso -- jimi and steph -- just wanted to send my best regards on the queen's diamond jubilee and wishing y'all, all british subjects, the royals, and everybody whose heart is in this with you all the very best. so fortunate to be watching the festivities live!

    i also hope for prince philip's complete and comfortable recovery.

    makes us proud to speak the world's most beautiful language, and many of us join you in our thoughts, prayers and hopes for a STRONG and VIBRANT england!