Sunday, January 01, 2012

Smooth Jazz 24/7

A little over 6 months down the line, it's time to look back on our newest project, which has put DJs on air through the medium of Internet radio and attempted to keep smooth jazz alive in the process. The listenership has tripled during that time and continues to grow, so I'm hoping for big things in the coming year.

I'd like to say a big thanks to Ari and Duy at Sky for giving Smooth Jazz 24/7 the chance in the first place. Also a big thanks to my wife Steph, who contributes a heck of a lot of her time each day to spread the load, and without whom the whole thing would have sunk without trace in month one.

Also a huge thanks to a whole host of people who present shows and/or have recorded sound bites to make Smooth Jazz 24/7 what it is. Namely, Carmen Kennedy, Lynda Clayton, Dianna Rose, Bruce Nazarian, Lynn Briggs, Oli Silk, Marc Antoine, Nick Colionne, Euge Groove, Dave Koz, Paul Brown, Peter White, Stewart Coxhead, Miles Gilderdale, Boney James, Brian Simpson, Brian Culbertson, Jeff Golub, Jessy J, Jeff Lorber, Jonathan Fritzen, Michael Lington, Mindi Abair, Paul Hardcastle, Richard Elliot, Steve Oliver & Victor Fields.

The biggest thanks of all goes to our fantastic listeners who tune in daily. Without you it wouldn't be happening at all.


  1. I love the Smooth Jazz 24/7 project. Coming from the LA area where I listened to the Wave all the time, there is nothing like that here in Guatemala. Being able to tune in and really relax is wonderful. To my amazement I went into a local hardware store and they had your station on! I talked with the owner and he told me all of the clerks love the station. Keep up the great job.. both of ya!! Thanks again.

  2. Hi jimi, have been a fan of smooth jazz since the early days of Bob James, which goes back a long way... loving the fact that we can now get it 24/7 thanks for a great station, best on the net.
    Terry ashley. Essex, UK