Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miles Gilderdale Interview

There was a bit of a mix up over the date for the interview with Miles from Acoustic Alchemy last week. As a result he'll be visiting the studio THIS Sunday 30th December, so please do check out the live show for that one.

Because of that change in plans I'll do the "Best Songs of 2007" the following week (January 6th).

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  1. The Sunday Jimi King show has the best QUALITY and variety of smooth jazz over any local or internet radio station. Jimi's charismatic on-air personality, inviting voice and witty style combined with the right mix of jazz truly makes his show additive and the winning formula!

    Thanks Jimi for bringing a few hours of peace to a chaotic world.

    Gregory (Houston, Texas - USA) aka (itisgregory)