Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Getting Up To Date

OK to catch up with things. I visited New York along with the family back in October, and whilst there took the opportunity to broadcast the Sunday live show from the Sky.fm offices in Manhattan. The video of that show (which also features Sky founder Ari Shohat) has found it's way onto Youtube.com here. It's in two parts, so if you've never caught the live show before, now's the chance.

If that leaves you gagging for more, there's an archive video from the London studio when Peter White visited back in Easter of 2006 to be found here. Thats a Windows Media Player file BTW.

The most recent development at Sky from a smooth jazz point of view is the launch of our new uptempo smooth jazz channel (the link is on the right), which is proving to be a great success. My aim with this stream is to create a breakfast show/morning drive kind of vibe. Enjoy it with your morning coffee or to get you motivated for a day at the office. It's smooth jazz on caffeine! Don't be surprised if it gets you dancing.

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